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    ACR, HA61R-50, sakute 2,5mm kabeliui, raudona

    0.20 € incl tax
    ACR, HA61R-50, šakutė 2,5mm kabeliui, raudona

    ACR, HA61S-50 sakute 2,5mm kabeliui, juoda

    0.20 € incl tax
    ACR, HA61S-50 šakutė 2,5mm kabeliui, juoda

    CALIBER, PTE10.4 sakute 10mm kabeliui

    0.28 € incl tax
    CALIBER, PTE10.4 šakutė 10mm kabeliui

    ACR, HA66R sakutes, 4mm2, raudonas

    0.38 € incl tax
    ACR, HA66R šakutės, 4mm2, raudonas

    ACR, HA66S sakutes, 4mm2, juoda

    0.38 € incl tax
    ACR, HA66S šakutės, 4mm2, juoda

    ACR, HA65R-50 sakute 8mm² stiprintuvo kabeliui, raudona

    0.43 € incl tax
    ACR, HA65R-50 šakutė 8mm² stiprintuvo kabeliui, raudona


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